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How we conduct our Reiki classes!

All Reiki Classes are conducted in the original Usui Method of Reiki. With Reiki becoming more mainstream and popular, people have created over 500 different forms of it. We, however, teach in the tradition of Dr. Mikao Usui, who founded Reiki and passed it down to us. While we continue to monitor all the latest research and findings connected to Reiki, we carry on the tradition of Dr. Usui.

Reiki Classes are usually conducted in Ocean Grove or in Red Bank at Earth Spirit, 25 Monmouth St., however we will conduct classes at other locations by request.

Class sizes are limited, so that all participants get personalized opportunities. Taking Reiki training is a very spiritual and special event for students,and our priority is to ensure students are able to ask questions and get clarification of everything.

All instruction is thorough and complete! Every aspect of Reiki is covered in detail, with demonstrations and practice sessions on the tables, all guided by the teacher.

While we work with a structured agenda, we provide a casual atmosphere that encourages interaction. Students are advised to dress in comfortable clothes, since they will be getting on and off the Reiki tables.

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